Water Safety Week

The week of 19th – 25th June 2017 is Water Safety Week. To help promote water safety week and to teach children how to be safe in the water we be slightly changing the syllabus for this week only. The syllabus will be changing to the following –

Young Beginners Level 1,2,3 – Do and don’ts around the pool (signs) what do you do if you on holiday/seaside?

Floating on back

Flipping from front to back


Waving  for help

Moving along the edge of the pool

Holding on to things that float

Water Safety code

Swimming on front and rotating on to back and continuing to swim

Goggles off eyes open under water

Climbing out using ladder steps safely (safe entries/exits)

Level 4 & Level 5 – Safe entries and exits

Treading Water


Rotating from front to back

Swim- star-swim

Goggles off eyes open

Holding on to floating objects

Shouting for help/waiving

Jumping in safely

Signs and equipment around the pool

Level 6 – 10 plus – Synchro & Swim Fit

As for 4 & 5 but also including –

Cold Water survival

Safe places to swim in the holidays



Swimming through seaweed

Swimming in clothes