Inflatable fun at Havant Leisure Centres

Every Saturday at Havant Leisure Centre 4-5pm come and join some music, fun and floats for just £4.

We all know swimming is good for our health and wellbeing, but did you know just how good for us taking a dip in the pool is? Regular swimming can help to reduce the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Did you also know it’s great for helping with mental health? And can help to build confidence along with boosting low self-esteem? So it’s a huge thumbs up if we can get our children to enjoy swimming from an early age as research shows they are more likely to carry on as adults if started in the pool young!

Swimming really is a great all-rounder when our mind and body’s need a bit of TLC but we understand it can be a little boring for children aimlessly swimming up and down, not to mention the getting dressed fiasco that takes place in the changing room afterwards “I’m too cold Mum” “I’ve lost my socks Dad” That leave all parents and guardians wanting to jump in the pool themselves… fully clothed.

So here at Havant Leisure Centre we are launching brand new Inflatable fun swimming sessions in our huge 25m swimming pool for children aged 8-15*  We’ve got music so you can make a splash to a beat, floats to play around on and our mega inflatable assault course to go over, through and under! You won’t get them out of the pool!

Something for the adults…if you fancy cheering your little ones on, or making a bet with them on whether they will make it to the end of the inflatable assault course without falling in the water, you can take front row seats in our pool viewing area, to see how they get on!

How does that sound for a bit of weekend fun? The only things you’ll hear in the changing room from the kiddiewinks afterwards are just how much they loved bouncing and boogying around to the tunes for the hour! No more complaints here! You’ll wish the inflatable fun sessions were on every day of the week! And at just £4 per session it won’t break the bank either! Winner!

*Swim safety rules apply – children must be 8yrs- 15 years old and be able to swim 25 meters of a recognised stroke to use the inflatable or swim unaccompanied. For their safety they will be tested on this upon entering the pool.