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Horizon Sports Club

Horizon Sports Club is the place to be for children's sport courses and casual activity sessions.


Activity Descriptions (& ages)

Adventure Playtime (0 to 4)

Join the fun in this supervised play session in the main sports hall for young children with gymnastic equipment, bouncy castle and soft play toys. Each session ends with a sing along and parachute game.

Play and Eat is now available for this activity. For £6.25 join in the adventure playtime and eat in the cafe before or afterwards.

Bounce Class (0 to 4)

This is a Preschool Class which includes trampoline tuition for the under 4's. Unlike other trampoline classes your child is not expected to wait round the trampoline. They will sing nursery rhymes, run around, bounce on the bouncy castle and play between goes whilst they still get to enjoy learning basic trampoline skills.

Gym Tots (walking to 4)

This session is a fun introduction to gymnastic skills for young children. Play with Mum or Dad on the apparatus and learn some basic moves that will improve a child's balance and coordination. Gym Tots is a great way to try gymnastics before enrolling on a structured course.

Gymnastics (2 to 10+)

Gymnastics is a great activity for growing children, who are encouraged to work towards the British Gymnastics proficiency awards. These have 8 different levels of achievement and cover floor, vault and 'A' bar activities.

Trampolining (4 to 10+)

Learn how to bounce! Perform acrobatic moves whilst bouncing on a trampoline. Learn simple jumps, then pikes, tucks and straddle positions moving onto more complex somersaults and twists. Children are also encouraged to work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards (which include trampolining).

Teen Workout (10 to 15)

This is a great introduction to using the gym for young adults (10 - 15 years old using the fitness machines only). Fully supervised by a gym instructor and include a free induction on the first session.

External Sports Clubs

Horizon Leisure Centres hosts a number of weekly sports sessions run by external clubs, These include Badminton and different martial arts clubs. For information on external clubs please click here.

 Please note that Teen Workout, Gymnastics, Trampolining and Toddler Sessions will not run over the Christmas period 21st December 2015 - 3rd January 2016


Please download a copy of the Sports Club Timetable (link on the left). Or take a look at the leafelt below.



  • Horizone Play Centre charges £5.00 for non walkers that are not with a sibling. 


All of our activities are fully inclusive for children with additional needs and / or disabilities. For any special requirement contact Deborah Jarmaine on email

To Start Sports Club...

Contact us to enquire about starting a sports course or casual session. We will then invite your to come along with your child and have a look at the session in action. Depending on the individual session you may be able to join in on the day or have a look and come the following week.

  • Havant Leisure Centre 023 9247 6026
  • Waterlooville Leisure Centre 023 9224 5900